When you partner with BlueOcean, you get a full-on unique blend of experienced talent enriching your in-house capabilities.

We believe that good business is powered by a clear purpose, love, and genuine care. We often draw that inspiration from our families.

Does it sound like you too?

"Jo keeps us grounded and guides our people with integrity, whether that’s ensuring the best for our clients or our team. She represents the good in all things and is a treasured shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough!"

- Lee Hunter

Jo Taute - CRO

"Courageously all in, Lee is a lover of people. It all starts with his friendly smile, backed by integrity and genuine care. Then, without even blinking, Lee's innovative, inquisitive mind will leave you thinking and linking your way to success."

- Graeme Sutherland

Lee Hunter - Strategic Consultant

"Professional, experienced and full of dad jokes, Shane is a great team player with a diverse range of skills enabling him to build great customer relationships and deliver exceptional outcomes."

- Henrik Arlund

Shane Jaxson - Strategic Consultant

"Mix bold creativity, a strategic brain and 2 cups of salsa with Colombian spice mix, then bake at 180 for... actually, if you find the recipe for baking another Coko, please let me know."

- Dale Koerner

Coko Velez - Creative Brand Strategist

"Roland is a blue-sky thinker, with his feet on the ground. For him, any crazy idea or ambitious goal is possible as long as you have a clear purpose and a committed team to make it happen. He's a true leader, kind, and inspiring. His secret? keep Peter Pan (inner-child) alive and kicking every day."

- Coko Velez

Roland Leemans - CEO

"Shannon takes your brand and messaging to the next level to inspire your customers and your team; while munching on something sweet from the kitchen cupboard! Branding, animation, and video are just some of his tricks of the trade."

- Ally Boyd

Shannon Bayliss - Senior Art Director

"No problem is too complex to solve. Such a magician, dedicated to his craft. Great team player."

- Shannon Bayliss

Jay Kudecha - Technical Team Leader

"Henrik is extraordinary! His ability and acumen transcend ‘normal’. His passion for business and the success of our clients shows in the consistent results delivered and the genuine care for those he works with - his are a particularly safe and trustworthy pair hands. Approachable, as long as he’s had #coffee :)"

- Jo Taute

Henrik Arlund - COO

"Dan is like the Wonderboy of all things digital. He can troubleshoot any client issue from miles away with nothing... but MIND BULLETS! All while building mean websites on the side."

- Augustin Bulay

Daniel Lee - Digital Guru

"Augustin is an absolute powerhouse of a developer - nothing is too tough for this guy. His humble can-do attitude is an inspiration and he's a delight to work with. Don't know what we'd do without him!"

- Shane Jaxson

Augustin Bulay - Full Stack Web Developer

"Bev is the backbone of our entire team. While simultaneously keeping us all honest, she provides the gracious welcome that all our clients deserve when they visit. We all love her #therealboss."

- The Whole Team

Bev Trueman - Finance

"Dale likes to keep us on our toes with his wit, jokes and memes! Our strategic thinker (or strategist) has the attention to detail and inquisitive nature for data collection that ensure great results for our clients, and makes him a pleasure to work with."

- Daniel Lee

Dale Koener - Senior Strategic Marketer

We’re always open to meet good humans who can bring passion, commitment and talent to the team. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.

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