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We gather deep insight into your customer, your market, and your place in it, to find and activate smart ways for your business to both create and command more value, so you can get where you need to be.


What can you expect?

The combination of a high-skilled team of strategy, marketing, digital and creative brains, fully focused on solving the puzzle of your business challenges in order to elevate value delivered in every customer touchpoint and maximise opportunities by harvesting the now and seeding the future.


Key deliverables

  • Scope and deep review of your business context and objectives
  • Definition of a clear purpose - Why > How > What
  • Strategic alignment of sales and marketing teams
  • Sales funnel strategy
  • Customer map and journey
  • Customer value proposition
  • Implementation plan and action
  • Creative ideation and art direction
  • Brand identity
  • Digital marketing
  • Data and diagnostic systems


BeeNZThe DentistsContour International

The bee who flew from Katikati to Portland US.
100% Kiwi family-owned, socially loved.


Help a business that had achieved light-speed growth to affirm their values and amplify their message to tackle big new markets where the competition already had a foothold.


Listen and learn the back story. Primary and secondary market research to understand the end-customer. A new value proposition, brand refresh, customer journey mapping and market penetration strategy.


“BlueOcean has help us to affirm our values and our reason why we do what we do. Taking us on a big journey, learning more and sharing our story to the world. Working with BlueOcean is fun. They are helping us to develop better opportunities in some international markets” – Julie Hayes, Director BeeNZ Honey of New Zealand


  • Strategy, positioning and international go-to-market plan 
  • Customer journey map and associated asset build 
  • Creative direction, ideation and execution  
  • Digital transformation through a global intranet, extranet & eCommerce engine 

Before aligning customers teeth,
this dental group decided to align
the team to create customer value.


To align and unite six dental practices across New Zealand behind the founders’ values and deliver better patient outcomes. To make the organisation less dependent on the founders and ready to scale.


Define and document purpose, goals and patient value. Build a strong organisation and brand focused on customer-centricity. Implement streamlined processes, systems and structure across all practices to ensure consistent delivery of exceptional value.


“BlueOcean has helped us to build an overall more successful business model. Our practices are now consistently aligned and function as a united collaboration of brilliant minds creating better outcomes for each other and our patients. Our organisation now breeds success for everyone involved” – Dr Adam Durning, Founder and Co-Director.


  • Implemented an efficient and strategic board
  • A more resilient, structured, documented business
  • Increased customer centricity and value
  • A unified understanding of the core business values
  • A process to identify and recruit star employees
  • A strong brand identity and creative positioning
The Dentists The Dentists The Dentists The Dentists The Dentists The Dentists

A content creation framework that allows the team to deliver the right message to the right audicence in the precise stage of the customer journey.
100% B2B strategic beauty > in action.


Align strategy, sales and service to achieve growth in a market dominated by large and influential competitors and clients


A strategic shift from equipment supplier to solutions partner. Redefinition and refinement of segmentation, targeting and value proposition. Ongoing sales and marketing knowledge exchange to provide a two-way market feedback loop and shape communications execution.


“Our working relationship with BlueOcean is a vital part of our Marketing Strategy. By closely aligning with our sales team, BlueOcean turns our marketing wish list into a reality. The analytics provided in their feedback are vital to ensure we are getting the “bang for our buck” that we budget on.” – James Morren, Director Contour International


  • Customer centric strategy
  • Sustained year-on-year growth
  • Increased alignment between sales & marketing
Contour International Contour International Contour International

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