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Customer and employee expectations have radically shifted how companies work and deliver value. BlueOcean Partners hail from a strong business advisory, financial, and governance background. They will help you provide clarity, set the direction, re-design your business when needed, and implement changes through strategy and actions.



To address today’s most pressing challenges and unlock the most valuable opportunities, we support leaders to build their organisation that can deliver on three criteria of effectiveness: Performance, continuous improvements, and individual growth. Our team of management consultants help you implement operating models that enable your company to prosper.



Our in-house marketing, creative and digital teams support leaders to turn strategies into action. By harnessing customer insight, strategic direction and your people proximity to the customer, our seasoned team of experts help you market your business memorably, measurably and in a way that empowers your sales team. Working with, and within your team, we turn action into results.


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"The BlueOcean team have hugely impressed me at every stage, I feel like they were made for us."

Ben Willis, CEO, Founder, ORB Medical

"BlueOcean has helped us to build an overall more successful business model. Our practices are now consistently aligned and function as a united collaboration of brilliant minds creating better outcomes for each other and our patients. Our organisation now breeds success for everyone involved"

Dr Adam Durning, Founder and Co-Director, The Dentists

"BlueOcean has helped us to affirm our values and our reason why we do what we do. Taking us on a big journey, learning more and sharing our story to the world. Working with BlueOcean is fun. They are helping us to develop better opportunities in some international markets."

Julie Hayes, Director, BeeNZ Honey of New Zealand

"They are really good guys! we became friends as well as work colleagues. They have a real understanding of what we do and also what we want to achieve. They have been a big part of our success. BlueOcean is a company full of very talented individuals that work really well together as a team. I absolutely love the work they have done for us."

Andrew Cullen, Group General Manager, Treetops Lodge & Estate Kinloch Manor & Villas

"Our working relationship with BlueOcean is currently a vital part of our strategy. By closely aligning with our sales team (even to sitting in on our sales meetings), BlueOcean turns our wishlist into reality. The analytics provided in their feedback are vital to ensure we are getting the ‘bang for our buck’ that we budget on."

James Morren, Director, Contour International

"BlueOcean have been able to crystalise strategy through to concept in a clear concise and novel way. They have taken us to places that, on reflection were obvious but would not have reached there without their involvement. BlueOcean have understood our business, listened, challenged and advanced us in a positive and enlightened way."

Mark OBrien, Director, Aluro HealthcareNZ

"We have received great assistance with our marketing strategy including branding and most importantly ensuring that our business activities are measurable with clear KPI’s, sound structures, and good business processes. It’s really valuable to have a fresh set of eyes to help review the business and to formulate a sound strategy with measurable objectives that really impact on the success of the business."

Sonja Herrmann, Director of Sustainability & Community Projects, Jet Park

"Working with the Team at BlueOcean has helped us define our purpose but more importantly helped us to align our organisation behind our customer and the value we deliver. They have helped us build a better and stronger organisation."

Kayla And Fraser Thomas, Owners, Complete Access Scaffolding

"I love working with the team at BlueOcean. They are trustworthy experts who get stuck in and get stuff done to an excellent standard. BlueOcean has helped us to gain a deep understanding of our customers, meaning everything we do is now done through a clear customer focussed lens. They are a valued extension of our team helping us deliver excellent results for our clients."

Sarah Burilin, Marketing Manager, Auckland Convention Bureau


How businesses empower their teams to succeed

Through this research project, we set out to understand and share “how New Zealand organisations empower their employees to deliver their business strategy", and uncover if there were areas of opportunities for leaders. We engaged with the University of Waikato Management School and conducted interviews with various business leaders. We hope this report will provide insightful information for your business.



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