A content creation framework that allows the team to deliver the right message to the right people at precise stages of their customer journey.
100% B2B strategic beauty > in action.


Fine-tune a local voice in a large international business events market. Answer the questions “what value do we deliver to who’ and ‘are they who we should be focusing on’.


Understand the Bureau’s place in the world and the stakeholders surrounding it. Identify and develop customer personas and their value propositions. Map the customer journey and experience to uncover the value delivered at each touchpoint. Capitalise on the subsequent insight to direct laser-focused strategy and enhanced value delivery.


“I love working with the team at BlueOcean. They are trustworthy experts who get stuck in and get stuff done to an excellent standard. BlueOcean has helped us to gain a deep understanding of our customers, meaning everything we do is now done through a clear customer focussed lens. They are a valued extension of our team helping us deliver excellent results for our clients." – Sarah Burilin, Marketing Manager, Auckland Convention Bureau


  • Organisational purpose realisation 
  • Customer understanding framework
  • Discovery workshops
  • Creative concept and implementation
  • Customer-focused brand expansion
  • Communication and content creation framework 
Auckland Convention Bureau Auckland Convention Bureau Auckland Convention Bureau Auckland Convention Bureau Auckland Convention Bureau

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